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Dental exams:

Regular dental visits are important in maintaining good oral hygiene habits and routine. Your oral exam is the first step in assessing your overall oral health and allows us to determine what preventative treatments are right for you.  Some of the general preventative services we provide are:

Oral Cancer screenings:​

At My Dental, we recognize the importance of screening for oral cancer as it is one of the few cancers on the rise in North America. During these screenings we check for any lumps, bumps or color changes in the mucosa (oral tissue). This allows us to detect any changes in the oral tissue which may indicate a very early start of the disease. With the help of an oral pathologist an early diagnosis can be made which can dramatically alter the disease prognosis and lead to a much better outcome for the patients. 


Dental cleaning:​

Of course, taking good care of your teeth begins at home, with a proper routine of regular brushing and flossing. But, having regular checkups and a professional teeth cleaning is also a crucial part of maintaining good oral hygiene. Unfortunately, tartar and plaque can still develop and we can sometimes miss those hard-to-reach areas. When you come in for a cleaning at our office, our friendly certified dental hygienist, aims to remove this build up that has accumulated on the teeth and enable us to check for any cavities and infections.  We highly recommend having your teeth cleaned every 6-9 months to maintain the health of your teeth and gums and reduce the likelihood of periodontal disease. Keeping regular visits with us will help identify any signs of decay or changes, and allow us to correct any problems early on before they get worse. Book a cleaning appointment​ now!

A Professional dental cleaning includes:

  • Scaling and root planing:
    This process involves removing stubborn tartar build up from around the teeth.
    The tartar or calculus as it is called contains harmful bacteria that can damage the health of the gums and bone surrounding the teeth. The process of removing the calculus is usually achieved by using a hand scaler, an ultrasonic or piezo scaler or both methods.4
  • Polishing:
    The next step is to polish the teeth.  Not only does it help remove stains and leave your teeth bright and shiny.  It also smoothens the surface of your teeth, to help protect against further plaque build up
  • Fluoride:
    Fluoride, in the form of rinse, gel, foam or varnish is recommended at the end of your cleaning as it helps strengthen and protect your teeth.  Fluoride works to restore minerals to the surface of your teeth, where bacteria may have eroded the enamel, making it more resistant to demineralization thus preventing further decay.
  • Sealants:
    Sealants are plastic coatings usually placed on the adult teeth of children and teenagers with deep grooves and fissures. Usually the dentist will check the teeth beforehand to make sure there are no signs of decay. The process is painless and does not require any injections or drilling. 
  • Bruxing guard (night guards):
    These appliances are important preventative treatments and are usually used for patients who experience parafunctional oral habits (usually at night time) such as clenching and or grinding their teeth. These habits can lead to loss of tooth structure, gum recession, bone loss, TMJ issues and head/neck pain.
  • Sports guard Dental:
    At My Dental, we recognize the importance of you and your loved ones leading a healthy and active lifestyle and that sports is a huge part of that. This is why we offer you a custom made sports guard that ensures a proper fit and protects your teeth and oral tissue from trauma. These appliances can be customized to match team colors or individual preferences. Book an appointment today!​


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