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Saving your natural teeth is always our top priority.  In some situations, however, circumstances may arise where an extraction is necessary to prevent further complications and health issues of your overall teeth. 

It is very natural to feel apprehensive and anxious about having to get your tooth pulled. There are many things that you may be worried about like feeling pain or having an empty space in your teeth.  We want to assure you whatever your issues or concerns are they will be fully addressed. As with any procedure,we want to encourage you to bring any questions you may have at any time so we can make your appointment as stress free as possible.

Do I need an extraction?

In most cases, tooth decay or broken teeth can be fixed by restorative procedures such as a filling or a crown.  In other cases, when the damage is too severe, the complete removal of the tooth is needed. 

Some reasons when an extraction would be necessary:

  • If decay has reached deep into the tooth and there is irreversible damage
  • If there a severe infection that has destroyed a large portion of the tooth or surrounding bone and it cannot be resolved by root canal therapy
  • If Extra teeth are blocking other teeth from coming in
  • If you have crowding and are getting braces or other orthodontic treatment and need your teeth extracted to make more room 
  • Wisdom teeth can also be extracted either before or after they come in during late teens or early 20s, especially when they are causing pain, are infected or decayed. 




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